How To Format Comments - Blogspot comments?

How To Format Comments - Blogspot comments?

Blogger (blogspot): What HTML Tags Can Be Used in Comments and How To

You can use some HTML tags, such as , , .

You can use 5  html tags inside Blogger's comments, they are:   tag,   tag,  tag,  tag,

Můžete použít některé značky HTML, například , - , - .

">link name

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How To Format Comments

tag defines strong emphasized or important text. It can be used in following format:

Hello, this is a very useful tip from Blogger Journey.

tag specifies bold text. It can be used in following format: 

This is normal text - and this is bold text

tag renders as emphasized text, can be used in following format:

 This is normal text - Emphasized text

tag makes content displayed in italic, it can be used to indicate a technical term, a phrase from another language, a thought, or a ship name, etc. It can be used in following following format:

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