US Elections - Interesting moments

US Elections - Interesting moments

The man behind the USC/L.A. Times poll that predicted Trump winning: 'To be honest, I was surprised'

Commentary Donald Trump is our next president. What do we tell the children, friends...?
  1. 1. We are Americans. And what that means is we believe in democracy. And sometimes, democracy is difficult. That leads to the next point.
  2. 2. Everyone gets a voice, but that doesn’t mean our vote will always prevail.Even if our pick for president didn’t win, we honor the results of the election. Because that is how we transfer power – peacefully. No matter who is sitting in the Oval Office, we must respect the office of the presidency.
  3. 3. Speak up. We speak truth to power and fight for those who need our support.
  4. 4. We respect one another. We may come from different places, believe different things – maybe even passionately – but we treat one another with the same respect we expect to be treated with. Even when most of the people we know say one thing, we should remember that half of the country feels the other way. And we must respect our fellow Americans.
  5. 5. We don’t walk away. Politicians concede races. But as citizens, we do not concede our legal rights and sacred responsibility to remain engaged in who governs and how they govern our country. Sure, people have talked about moving to Canada and New Zealand. But we don’t flee when it gets hard. We steady ourselves, stand together and work to make things better for all of us.

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Time left until Donald Trump officially becomes president  ... 72 days?

Watch: '2016 is going to be the year of two great political revolutions' - Nigel Farage

Looks like 2016 is going to be the year of two big political revolutions @realDonaldTrump. 
Would be bigger than Brexit! - youtube

How AFP know that only 12% black people are smart and prefer hard job and prosperity?

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Asra Nomani    Muslim Woman   Silent Voter For Trump

Bystanders yell anti-Trump taunts as man beaten after car crash  :o  -  Chicago Tribune

How the US election unfolded and Trump was elected president

Media lies ...

Donald Trump’s 4-Hour Sleep Habit Could Explain His Personality

Some numbers

UN regular budget

Kayleigh Mcenany vs Christine Quinn on Orlando Shooter's Dad attending Hillary Rally

Muslims or Islamist are mentally ill  :D

Surprising Sleep Habits of 5 Highly Successful People

Donald Trump’s 4-Hour Sleep Habit Could Explain His Personality

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Did your neighborhood vote to elect HC or DT

Donald Trump Has Won The 2016 Presidential Election

U.S. Presidential Election Results (1789-2012)

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Kellyanne Conway tells The Post she feels ‘blessed’ over White House gig

The Richest Person In Every State in the US according to FORBES

Review site BestCompany.com ranks Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans as the #1 trusted mortgage company out of 38 companies

Can Rocket Mortgage Be Trusted?

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Tři státy USA legalizovaly marihuanu pro rekreaci, proti byla Arizona



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Lidé pod 30 nebo ve větších městech volili většinou Hillary Clintonovu, lidé nad 45, v menších městech nebo na vesnicích hlasovali převážně pro Donalda Trumpa.


„Kdo není ve dvaceti levičák, nemá srdce, kdo je levičák ve čtyřiceti, nemá rozum.“
– Winston Churchill

Mladý muž to v životě daleko nedotáhne, jestliže nedostal pár do nosu....
– Winston Churchill

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Proč by měli Američané neustále platit za Evropu? Trumpovi rozumím, říká generál Šedivý ...


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Škarohlídi ostrouhali, Trump po zvolení více komunikuje se spojenci než kdysi Obama


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Revoluce v Evropě pokračuje nečekaně: Ve Francii Le Penové vyrazil trumfy konzervativec Fillon


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Klíč ke kampaním je i v diskusích na webu, myslí si americký poradce


Vnímáte Castra příliš úzce, bránil se Junckerův mluvčí kritice z Česka


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