Nástroje Frézy

Nástroje Frézy

3.175mm Good Qualtiy Tungsten Steel Titanium Coat Carbide End Mill Engraving Bits CNC PCB Rotary Burrs Milling Cutter Drill Bit

Total length: 33-38mm
Shank diameter: 3.175mm
Material: blade carbide (tungsten steel)

Product Name: PCB drill bit (carbide micro drill bit Plating titanium)
Carbide rods and tungsten steel rods, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, anti-impairment and long tool life.
Coated with titanium:Improve the speed and feed rate of the tool ,Improve the surface wear resistance.
Range of processing: PCB, SMT, the CNC, mold, plastic, copper, stainless steel and other precision metal parts processing.

Straight Shank 6mm Cutting Dia 4 Flutes Milling Cutter End Mill

Product Name : End Mill;Material : HSS
Cutting Diameter : 6mm/0.236'';Cutting Depth : 17mm/0.669'
Shank Diameter : 6mm/0.236'';Total Length : 56mm/2.2''
Color : Gray;Weight : 12g

8Mm Cutting Diameter 4 Flutes Straight Shank End Mill Cutter Tooling Milling Cutting Bit

Overall Length: 68mm/ 2-5/8"; Shank Diameter: 8mm/ 5/16"
Cutting Diameter: 8mm/ 5/16"; Flutes: 4-Flute
Cutting Depth: 22.2mm/ 7/8"; Product Name: End Mill Cutter

HGHO- 4mm x 6mm Straight Shank 4 Flutes End Mills Milling Cutter

Product Name : End Mills Cutter;Material : HSS-AL
Color : Gray;Cutting Dia : 4mm/5/32"
Cutting Depth : 19mm/3/4";Shank Diameter : 6mm/15/64"
Total Length : 63mm/2.2'';Net Weight : 10g

hliníkové materiály vhodné pro frézování
Přehled hliníkových slitin vhodných pro CNC obrábění

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