The First Nazi step to boycotts Jewish State Israel

The First Nazi step to boycotts Jewish State Israel

Liberman Suggests EU Print ‘Made in the West Bank’ Label on Yellow Star

... Ilan Shavit Speaking to Israel Radio, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested the EU print its warning labels of products made in the West Bank on a background of a Yellow Star ...

EU ministers from a number of strong Israeli allies, mainly in Eastern Europe—including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Cypress, Romania—did not sign the letter.

Nazi or Anti-Semitism initiative was led by Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders and was supported by ministers from the U.K., France, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, and Austria!

Boycott the West Bank? Nope. Label Settlement Products? Well, OK.

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