pokerová matematika

pokerová matematika

Vztah mezi pot-odds, EV a dlouhodobým ziskem

Rozdělení her podle výše pravděpodobnosti výhry
jak vypočítat a správně určit výši sázky, co je to expectation value

Poker kalkulačka

P2P investování

Pro převody peněz doporučuji Transferwise a nebo SEPA platbu (na vyndání peněz z Twina a převod EUR zpet na Mintos).

Hi there,

We're excited to launch a brand new way for you to use TransferWise.

You can now request money from anyone in 26 countries worldwide with a few simple clicks.

The best part is you no longer need to share bank details with your payer, simply:
  1. Enter the amount you're owed and what it's for
  2. We'll provide you with a link you can share
  3. Your payer clicks the link, joins TransferWise and pays
That's it! The money then goes straight to your pre-designated bank account.

Under the hood, it's the same low cost, speed and convenience that you expect from TransferWise, meaning it's up to 8x cheaper than using your bank.

So whether you're a freelancer, running a business or simply getting paid back by a friend, do it the wise way.

The TransferWise Team

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