Ce*sored! China Censored letter N

Ce*sored! China bans letter N

George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Ce*sored! China Censored letter N

Ce*sored! China Ce*sored letter N

Ce*sored! China bans letter N (briefly) from internet as Xi Jinping extends grip on power

It is the 14th letter in the English alphabet and, in Scrabble, the springboard for more than 600 8-letter words.

'Dictator for life': Xi Jinping's power grab condemned as step towards tyranny

Mao - style personality cult in China

Sensitive Words: Xi to Ascend His Throne (Updated)

- ‘Ten thousand years’ (万岁), which is China’s way of saying: ‘Long live!’ or ‘Viva!’
- ‘Disagree’ (不同意)
- ‘Xi Zedong’ (习泽东) - a hybrid of the names of Xi and Chairman Mao Zedong
- ‘Shameless’ (不要脸)
- ‘Lifelong’ (终身)

-‘Personality cult’ (个人崇拜)
-‘Emigrate (移民)
- ‘Immortality’ (长生不老)

The name Yuan Shikai, a Qing dynasty warlord who unsuccessfully tried to restore monarch to China, was also banned as were the titles of two George Orwell books, 1984 and Animal Farm.

Less clear is why censors took issue with the letter ‘N’. Mair speculated it was “probably out of fear on the part of the government that ‘N’ = ‘n terms in office’, where possibly n & 2”.

GreatFire activist urges western firms to help end Chinese censorship

www.GreatFire.org - Expanding Online Freedom of Speech in China


Smooth PR move from the CCP. Correctly figured might lead to


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big brother cenzorship
Xi Jinping (Chinese: 习近平; pinyin: Xí Jìnpíng; Mandarin: [ɕǐ tɕîn.pʰǐŋ]

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George Orwell’s 1984
George Orwell’s Animal Farm

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