Waterproofing Leather

Waterproofing Leather

Leather Finishes Compared - ian

20 Ways to Improve Your Leatherwork!

Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene Dye 4oz Finish Sealer 118ml for Smooth Leather All Coour

Fiebings Leather Care - London

How To Waterproof a Leather Satchel

waterproof calf leather watch strap

www.theidentitystore.co.uk       Fiebings Resolene 4 oz

Collonil Waterstop Cream Leather

Tips For Waterproofing Leather

Custom Made Original Kodiak 100% Waterproof leather Straps for Panerai - TC Straps


Leather Waterproof Mink Oil Wax Conditioner Cleaner Protection - All Natural

fiebing.com - Color Charts: Dyes, Stains & Antiques

20 Ways to Improve Your Leatherwork!

00:58 tip #1
03:19 tip #2
04:55 tip #3
06:23 tip #4
08:32 tip #5
10:32 tip #6
12:52 tip #7
15:31 tip #8
18:47 tip #9
21:05 tip #10
22:47 tip #11
24:40 tip #12
28:07 tip #13
29:51 tip #14
31:29 tip #15
33:03 tip #16
36:15 tip #17
37:09 tip #18
38:19 tip #19
39:48 tip #20

The ABC´s of Leather Care - Care

Leather Care - how to care for Mulberry bags.. Ft Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel - Poppy Red

How should I care for my leather goods? An experiment involving mink oil, neatsfoot, and Obenauf's

Protect leather surfaces with Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene - de  patin-a

vosk na kůži

Which is the Best Leather Finish? Testing Waterproofing Capacity of Five Brands - test

Eco-Flo Waterstain

How to Use the Pro Series Waterstains

Eco-Flo Professional Clear Gloss (matt) Finishes

Eco-Flo Professional Finishes 8.5fl.oz (250ml) Gloss

Tandy Leather Eco-flo Professional Tan Water Stain

Eco Flo Professional Finish in Clear Gloss. Water based (re. acrylic).

Difference Between Eco-Flo Super Shene And The Professional Gloss / Matte Finishes

How Water Resistant is Your Finish?

...The video he put out Compared Leather Finishes individually and this got me to thinking about how water resistant are my finishes so I decided to take Ian's test to the next logical step; Just how water resistant are my finishes when used together…

... My go to process includes Fiebing's: Pro Oil Dyes, Traditional Leather Dyes, Leather Sheen, Resolene, and Carnauba Cream.

Fiebing says this about their products…

          Leather Dye is an alcohol based dye, dries uniformly, and mixes easily to create middle tones.

          Pro Oil Dye is also an alcohol based dye (so I don't know where the "oil" comes in…), etc…

          Leather Sheen gives a high gloss, is highly flexible, and water resistant finish.

          Acrylic Resolene gives a flexible, durable and water resistant finish.

          Carnauba Cream Wax is a blend of natural waxes for use on smooth leathers (and it adds a nice smell...)

Eco-Flo Edgeflex



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