Copenhagen Consensus priority list

Copenhagen Consensus priority list

How Much have Global Problems Cost the World?

Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change

CCC - Copenhagen Consensus Center

“Copenhagen Consensus is an outstanding, visionary idea and deserves global coverage”
  The Economist

How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

The world faces myriad challenges yet - we are constrained by scarce resources. In the 21 st Century, how do we deal with natural disasters, tackle global warming, achieve better nutrition, educate children...and address countless other urgent global issues? If you want to change the world, this inspiring and entertaining book is for you. Bjorn Lomborg presents smart solutions to twelve global problems, and shows how we could spend $75 billion to produce the most benefit and prioritize those problems. Featuring the cutting edge research of more than sixty eminent economists, including several Nobel Laureates, produced for the Copenhagen Consensus, How to spend 75 billion to make the world a better place will inform, enlighten and motivate actions to make our world a better place...

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