Bjorn Lomborg, green cars have a dirty secret Paris

Bjorn Lomborg, green cars have a dirty secrets

Bjorn Lomborg, green cars have a dirty secrets


Bjorn Lomborg: Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret

Producing and charging electric cars means heavy carbon-dioxide emissions.

Electric cars are promoted as the chic harbinger of an environmentally benign future. Ads assure us of "zero emissions," and President Obama has promised a million on the road by 2015. With sales for 2012 coming in at about 50,000, that million-car figure is a pipe dream. Consumers remain wary of the cars' limited range, higher price and the logistics of battery-charging. But for those who do own an electric car, at least there is the consolation that it's truly green, right? Not really... more at wsj.com

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The Poverty of Renewables




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