How Each Personality Type Deals With Conflict

How Each Personality Type Deals With Conflict

What Each Myers-Briggs® Type Needs on a Busy Holiday

INTP – INTPs can enjoy some of the nostalgic aspects of Christmas. Their relief function (Introverted Sensing) can play a part in this. If they have had pleasant memories of Christmas in the past, they may enjoy re-visiting some of their favorite pastimes – watching a favorite movie or visiting with old friends. However, for the most part, INTPs enjoy being given freedom on the holidays to have zero plans and just do what they feel like in the moment. They don’t like feeling pressured to find the perfect gift or attend every family function. They enjoy having some quiet time to play a favorite game, read a book, or relax in whatever way they see fit. It’s best to give them their freedom to enjoy the holiday in their own way. Invite them to gatherings, but don’t make a big deal if they skip out on them.


INTPs often have a very logical way of approaching conflict and will attempt to assess the situation. They will often observe for a bit in order to figure out what exactly is going on. INTPs will analyze the conflict and attempt to find a fair way to resolve the situation. They will almost always use a logical approach and hope to find the best way to mend things. They are often rather skilled at figuring out what needs to be done, as long as they are willing to share this with others. Oftentimes the INTP will simply let the conflict slide when it pertains to themselves, especially if they think it will not occur again.
How Each Personality Type Deals With Conflict


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