CNC Frame Machine

CNC Frame Machine

K2 CNC - 14 inch x 14 inch X and Y travel
5 inch z travel

Step-a-Sketch - PIC 16f84a based CNC controlled Etch a Sketch Toy

K2 CNC  New KT-1414-09 3-4 Axis Steppers
Travel of (Y)14" x (X)14" x (Z)5.5"

K2 CNC - KT-2514-09 with 3 or 4 Axis Servo Options
Travel of (Y)24" x (X)14" x (Z)5.5"

DIY 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion CNC Machine

MadVac CNC


Milling cutter

CupCake CNC

Zen ToolWorks Adds Larger Carving Machine Kit

cnc cnc machines

Computed Numerically Controlled - CNC machine

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40" x 24" 3D cnc router engraving machines

Router is the length of 50 inches, width is 33 inches, 120cm 84cm
Effective processing distance: X = 40 inches,Y = 24 inches, Z = 5 inches (100cm 60CM 12CM)




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CNC mašiny a frézování





Hartford pro800ap

CNC - Milling Center (Metal Processing)



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CNC Plasma Full KIT CNC Mechanical Router KIT


What do I need to build my CNC Machine, How do I build it ?





Experiments with high speed spindles

blackFoot 4'x8' routing area Version 4.0 CNC Machine Kit: $2975.00


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