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OnePlus Is Asking You to Help Choose the OnePlus 5's Retail Box

OnePlus launched a poll to help choose a retail box for OnePlus 5
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Help the designer choose the ultimate new packaging!

Hi, open the courier "first meeting", which packaging design more of your heart deer deer hit?
View the packaging design big picture

白 人 设计 1
白 款 设计 2
白 款 设计 3
白 人 设计 4
白 人 设计 5
红 款 设计 6
红 人 设计 7
红 款 设计 8
White design 1
White design 2
White design 3
White design 4
White design 5
Red design 6
Red man design 7
Red design 8

This poll contains hidden content that can be seen after voting

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OnePlus is conducting a poll on Weibo
where it has put up eight different possible designs for the retail box of the OnePlus 5. The options show various variants of '5' - some faded while the other more prominent - as well as the over colour theme for the smartphone, such as a White retail box with a Red '5' or vice versa
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