Best sport car 4K camera Review - EleCam Explorer Elite vs ThiEYE T5e

Best sport car 4K camera Review 

EleCam Explorer Elite vs ThiEYE T5e

The list of shame fake 4K cameras and CMOS size
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Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite vs ThiEYE T5e with timelaps

Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K Action Camera  -  SILVER - $69.90
*Processor: NTK96660 Processor & Sony IMX 078 (12MP)

Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080), 2K(2560 x 1440) 30fps,4K (3840 x 2160), 720P (120fps) 
Video Frame Rate: 120fps,30FPS 
Audio System: Built-in microphone/speaker (AAC) 
Exposure Compensation: +0.3,+0.5,+1,+1.5,+2,   -0.5,-1,-1.5,-2,0 
White Balance Mode: Auto 

Wide Angle: 170 degree wide angle 
Lens Diameter: 20mm

Max External Card Supported: TF 64G

Battery Capacity (mAh): 1050mAh 
Power Supply: 5V 1A 
Charge way: AC adapter,USB charge by PC 
Working Time: 75mins (1080P) 
Standby time: 100H 
Charging Time: 2H

4K Calculator – Do You Benefit?

Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K Action Cam Review

ThiEYE T5e WiFi 4K 30fps Sport Camera -  $129.99

* Processor: Ambarella A12S Processor & Sony IMX117 Sensor

Video Resolution:          1080P (100fps),1080P(30fps),1080P(60fps),1440P (30fps),
                                         1440P (60fps),4K (30fps),720P(200fps) 

Video Frame Rate:           100fps,200fps,30FPS,60FPS 
Audio System:                  Monophony 
Exposure Compensation: +2EV,-2EV 
White Balance Mode:    Auto,Cloudy,Daylight,Incandescent 

Wide Angle: 170 degree wide angle 
Camera Pixel : 12MP 
Lens Diameter: 2.8mm

Max External Card Supported: SDHC 64G

Battery Capacity (mAh): 1100mAh 
Charge way: USB charge by PC 
Working Time: 80min at 4K / 30fps, 100min at 1080P 
Standby time: 4h 
Charging Time: 2h

Best Cheap 4K Action Camera — ThiEYE T5e Review

Adjustable Wide Angle Lens

Gopro hero 4 vs Elephone Elecam Explorer Elite  4k side by side with audio comparison

ThiEYE T5e VS GoPro Hero5B

SJ7 vs T5e AWESOME!!! [4K - Sardinia]


Action camera comparison - deviceranking.cz

Stock in Europe ELEPHONE EleCam Explorer EliteNow: $89.99     

SJ7000 Action Camera Time Lapse Москва Бутово

Edit with - GoPro Studio   or    Quik™ | Desktop

2K Timelapses & Hyperlapses. Edit. Xiaomi YI 4K // Feiyu WG

SJCAM M20 ACTION CAMERA - support JPG & RAW  Night Sky Time Lapse Photogra

SJCAM SJ7 STAR WiFi Action Camera 4K - $199.00

YI 4K+ Action Camera - USD  315.99

Record video and capture Time Lapse photos at the same time
Built-in 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer
Timelaps: Interval: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60s
Battery:   1400/1430mAH(min/typ)
RC:         Bluetooth 4.0 low energy + usb-c

Day to Night Time-lapse Tutorial: The "Holy Grail" Technique Explained

RAW file Action Camera

SJCAM SJ6 Legend - US $159.00

SJCAM M20 - US $109.00

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