I Love It When you Call Me Big Data

I Love It When you Call Me Big Data

How worth is your whole privacy?

What do you think

For how much you sell your whole privacy
Usually much, much cheaper than a prostitute ...

I'm Being Followed:
How Google—and 104 Other Companies—Are Tracking Me on the Web

spy companies

Privacy on Trial

          I Love It When you Call Me Big Data

Why Facebook doesn’t have to ask to know “what’s on your mind.”

Transparency + Control = Privacy

Keeping Secret Identities Secret


Privacy and Trust

Not only a Lots of Health Apps Are Selling Your Data. Here's Why?

Mastercard under fire for tracking customer credit card purchases to sell to advertisers

DoNotTrackMe  Prevents Newly Announced Facebook Policy to Track & Sell Data On Users Browsing Habits

BigData  =  good servant, bad master

How Germany Is Using Big Data to Win the World Cup

Making Connections to Facebook more Secure
Consider Tor: Tor challenges some assumptions ...


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Big Data: Would number geeks make better football managers?


How English Football Clubs Score With Big Data – Video


SAP and the German Football Association Turn Big Data Into Smart Decisions to Improve Player Performance at the World Cup in Brazil


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Co umějí Big Data? Třeba pošlou Formuli 1 do boxů nebo poradí fotbalistům


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Zločinci sledují naše digitální stopy, říká expertka na kyberkriminalitu


bulvární nadpis expertka :-) :-) :D
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Location-Aware Browsing