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About MyStore

Who we are.

  • A privately held (Nevada partnership).
  • Located in Las Vegas Nevada.
MyStore.com is owned by yourStore, LLC which is a virtual real estate company and application service provider offering individuals and businesses with FREE online "retail" space and software usage in the form of personalized web stores located within the company's marketplace located at www.MyStore.com and an e-commerce service provider offering seller support services; including hosting, design, payment processing, marketing, fulfillment, inventory management, and customer management.

What we offer.

Using the company's web-based store builder, even the most novice computer user can create a personalized web store and be open for business in just a few minutes.

Throughout the marketplace shoppers have the ability to search for items, compare prices, get to know who they are dealing with before they buy, deal directly with the seller and buy items without the need of a credit card or checking account - if they choose - greatly reducing the potential of fraud.

How we're different.

What's unique about MyStore ... more


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