Philips VOIP841 PC-free DECT/Skype phone - review recenze

Philips VOIP841 PC-free DECT/Skype phone - první recenze 
Philips VOIP841 PC-free DECT/Skype phone - world's first review

Just as with the recently-reviewed Evesham iplayer, we were childishly excited to get the chance to go hands on with the Philips VOIP841, a PC-free combined DECT/Skype phone that we first saw at IFA last September. But, writes Bob Crabtree, that's about the only comparison worth making.

Quite unlike the Evesham iplayer, the Philips does seem to do ... more 

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The VOIP841 works without a PC, offering Skype users total flexibility and independence from their computer.
With the VOIP841, Skype users can make Skype calls, SkypeOut calls, and regular PSTN calls... more  

Skype debuts Linux-powered cordless phone
Skype on 2006, Aug. 31 introduced a pair of cordless VoIP phones that work without being connected to a computer, via a DECT basestation that attaches directly to broadband and POTS lines. One of the two -- the Philips VOIP841 -- uses Linux as its embedded OS... more 

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