airbnb - What should I do if my host needs to cancel?

airbnb - What should I do if my host needs to cancel?

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airbnb - What should I do if my host needs to cancel?

What to do if your host cancels

In the event that your reservation is canceled by a host, you have two options:
  • Transfer your payment to a new Airbnb reservation
  • Get a refund

Transfer your payment to a new Airbnb reservation

Your money is immediately available to use towards a new reservation. Once you've found a new place, we'll automatically transfer your original payment to your new reservation request, along with any eligible credit from Airbnb.

Request a refund

If you’d prefer not to book another place on Airbnb, you can ask for a full refund online at any time. To get a refund:
  1. Go to Your Trips from airbnb.com.
  2. Find your canceled reservation.
  3. Click Request a refund.
To ask for a refund, you’ll need to log into your airbnb.com account on a computer. At the moment, refunds can't be requested using the Airbnb app or mobile website.
How do host cancellation penalties work?

Cancellations disrupt guests' plans and impact confidence in the Airbnb community. Because of this, we apply the following penalties to host cancellations.

Cancellation fees

More than 7 days before check-in: You'll receive one penalty-free cancellation every 6 months. Then, for every additional cancellation within a 6-month period, you'll be charged $50 per cancellation.
Within 7 days of check-in: Airbnb charges a $100 fee for any reservation canceled within 7 days of check-in.
We'll automatically deduct any applicable cancellation fees from your next payout.

Other penalties

  • Automated reviews: An automated review will be posted to your listing's profile indicating that you canceled one of your reservations. These reviews can't be removed, but you can always write a public response to clarify why you needed to cancel.
  • Unavailable/blocked calendar: Your calendar will stay blocked and you won't be able to accept another reservation for the same dates of the canceled reservation.
  • Loss of eligibility for Superhost status: You won't be eligible to earn Superhost statusfor one year after your most recent cancellation.

For Instant Book hosts only

Hosts who use Instant Book may be able to cancel up to 3 times, penalty-free, if they have concerns about a guest’s behavior. Calendar inaccuracy, confusion about pricing or availability, and extenuating circumstances are not covered by this policy.
If you're an Instant Book host and have concerns about a guest's behavior:
  1. Go to Your Reservations and find the reservation you need to cancel
  2. Click Change or Cancel
  3. Select “I’m uncomfortable with the guest’s behavior”
  4. Provide a reason for the cancellation
Once you complete these steps, the host cancellation penalties for this reservation will be waived, and we’ll help your guest find another place to stay for their trip.
If it's within 24 hours of check-in, contact us instead.
Note: Instant Book cancellation can be used a maximum of 3 times per year. This exception only applies to Instant Book reservations, and can't be used for any other cancellation reason.

Extenuating circumstances

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, there are no exceptions to this host cancellation policy.

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