CRiOS - Custom Real-time intelligent Operating System

CRiOS - Custom Real-time intelligent Operating System

Cell CRiOS (Custom Real-time intelligent Operating System) is the Operation System (OS) layer which is a proprietary and custom design based on open Linux kernel system version 2.6.x. This OS layer is uniquely with the best technology design to protect against software-based threats, guard the integrity of kernel OS and achieve the best performance.

It can achieve high performance of commodity hardware by eliminating standard Linux kernel bottleneck on receiving and sending network packets in real time basis.

This OS layer has several key technologies. They are Direct Network Cache Access (DNCA) technology, Mac Level Packet Interception Technique, Multi-Core Parallel Processing technology, Traffic Shaping Algorithm Engine (TSAE), and IP Packet Classification engine. They can fully achieve high system performance, optimize CPU utilization and maximize the fast packet processing in our commodity hardware appliance. This OS is embedded into hardware... more

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