How to Breaking CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA

How to Breaking CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA

Breaking CAPTCHA with automated humans
We’re all familiar with CAPTCHA right? That impenetrable fortress of crazy squiggly characters that only a real human can decipher...

reCAPTCHA just got easier (but only if you’re human)


Virtual Sweatshops Defeat Bot-or-Not Tests


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List of Resources: Breaking CAPTCHA

Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA
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Breaking e-banking CAPTCHAS
Breaking the ASP Security Image Generator
PWNtcha – CAPTCHA Decoder
aiCaptcha – Using AI to beat CAPTCHA and post comment spam
Arstechnica – Gone in 60 seconds: Spambot cracks Live Hotmail CAPTCHA
Slashdot – Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked
Slashdot Gmail CAPTCHA Cracked
Slashdot – Google’s Audio CAPTCHA Falls to Automated Attack
Computerworld – How CAPTCHA got trashed
How Spam is Improving AI discusses that even photo-based CAPTCHA is being cracked

Malá firma tvrdí, že počítače dokážou prolomit kód CAPTCHA

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