seecrypt app

seecrypt app


Protect your private conversations with Seecrypt Mobile - a new software-only communications app and service which allows you to make and receive unlimited, secure voice calls and text messages in real-time between Seecrypt Mobile-enabled devices, anywhere in the world

Your Privacy through our Security

Seecrypt uses globally recognised encryption techniques to protect your private calls.

Secure & Private calls

Unlimited, secure, private conversations with anyone on the Seecrypt Privacy Network, anywhere in the world.

Encrypted Messaging

Real-time, end-to-end encrypted messaging that changes keys with every message you send.

Simple to Use & Easy-to-Share

With its easy-to-use interface, similar to popular social messaging apps, you will be having secure conversations in no time.

Earn Free Use for up to a Year

Get 3 months free on sign up, and an extra month for each friend you refer, up to a whole year of free subscription.

Low Cost Calling to save you Money

After your free-use-period, its only $3 per month.

Does Privacy Matter?

Does Privacy Matter? - G Craig Vachon @ TEDxSantaCruz 


CIA's Chief Tech Officer on Big Data: We Try to Collect Everything and Hang On 

£2 app makes phone calls secret

Seecrypt is backed by a Dubai-based investment firm and run from the Cayman Islands. It claims to make it impossible for police and the security services to track numbers being used, or to analyse who is calling them and when...

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