Moborobo: Review The Best Android & iOS Management Tool Yet

Moborobo: Review The Best Android & iOS Management Tool Yet

Moborobo: The Most Comprehensive Android & iOS Management Tool Yet [Review]

When it comes to official desktop management tools for smartphone platforms, iOS and Windows Phone 7 appear to have a clear edge over Android – they have official applications for that purpose. Irrespective of the fact that both these platforms have a rather crippling dependency on iTunes and Zune, respectively, you get a utility where you can manage pretty much all the aspects of your smartphone with ease, all from a unified interface. This, however, doesn’t imply that Android is lacking, as Google’s brainchild has several great and capable third-party smartphone management tools that efficiently let you manage almost all aspects of your device, across almost all major desktop platforms. We have even reviewed some of those over time, like Android Manager WiFi, AirDroid and Droid Explorer, all of which come with their own unique feature offerings. That said, we still have to come across something as comprehensive as Moborobo, arguably the best all-in-one Android manager that packs quite a punch when it comes to diversity of features...

Connecting Your Android Device With Moborobo

Moborobo Interface – Home

Live Screen Capture

File Manager & Backup/Restore

App Management – Install, Delete, Update & Find Apps

Music And Video Management – Nothing Extraordinary, Really

Moborobo Image Manager – Neat, Boastful & Organized

Moborobo Data Management – Most Powerful We’ve Seen On A Desktop Tool

iOS Integration – Not Just A Google Fanboy

Transfer Contacts & SMS Messages From iPhone to Android


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