How to hard reset the LG Optimus One

How to hard reset the LG Optimus One

home + volume down + power

We show you how to factory reset the LG Optimus One to clear all data and restore its original settings

Published on Sep 14, 2010

The LG Optimus One is highly customizable and you have been hard at work tweaking it to your liking, but now the fun is over and you want to return it to its factory settings again.
Here, we show you how to hard reset the LG Optimus One with step by step instructions.
Please note that all data will be deleted from the LG Optimus One as a result of this procedure. This process may or may not delete data stored on the microSD card. We recommend backing up all of your personal data before proceeding.
First, try this:
  1. From the main home screen, tap menu
  2. Tap Settings, then Privacy
  3. Tap Factory data reset
  4. Tap Reset phone
  5. Enter your password if required, then tap Erase everything to confirm
If that doesn't work, or if your phone is frozen:
  1. Turn the power off. If your LG Optimus One is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
  2. Hold ...


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