Olivetti Quaderno

Olivetti Quaderno (PT-XT-20) - Olivetti Quaderno 33 (PT-AT-60)

Olivetti Quaderno PT-XT-20
Olivetti, 1992
CPU: V30 16.0 MHz
Memory: RAM: 1 MB, ROM: 0,5 MB
boot ROM
1 slot PCMCIA type 1
serial/parallel/floppy (proprietary connectors)
audio interface and micro for voice recording
Operation system: MS-DOS 5.0
Text: 80x25, monochrom, LCD monochrom
Graphics: 640x400, monochrom

Sound: Samplingsound
The Olivetti Quaderno is a 1992 sub-miniature notebook.

List of known Quadernos

Olivetti Quaderno PT-XT-20

Sven je Utcke Olivetti Quaderno

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Olivetti Quaderno

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