Antonio Riva and Ruichi Yamaguchi

Antonio Riva and Ruichi Yamaguchi

Antonio Riva

Capitano (It. captain) Antonio Riva, (8 April 1896 Shanghai – 17 August 1951 Beijing) was an Italian pilot and a World War I flying ace, credited with seven confirmed and seven unconfirmed aerial victories...

... Antonio was executed in Beijing, China, by a firing squad in 1951, along with a Japanese citizen, Ruichi Yamaguchi. They were convicted of being involved in a plot to assassinate Mao Zedong and other high-ranking Communist officials.[3]. The plot allegedly involved attacking Mao and other officials atop Tiananmen Gate with a mortar on the 1st of October 1950, during National Day celebrations...


According to Time magazine’s coverage of the affair, Radio Peking said that
“the streets they passed through [en route to execution] were thronged with people who expressed their feelings .. . with shouts of ‘Down with imperialism! Suppress counterrevolutionaries! Long live Chairman Mao!’”

Execution of foreigners in China

China's Execution of Antonio Riva - 1951