How to add analytics to Blogspot?

How to add google analytics to Blogspot?

Google Analytics

1) Grab Your Google Analytics Code Block

-Login to Google Analytics at http://google.com/analytics/
The main Settings page loads.
-Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays
-Select Add a Profile for a New Domain
-Enter the URL of your site or blog
-Select your country and time zone
Click Finish

2) Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogspot

-Login to the blog. The Dashboard loads.
-Under the blog you want to add Analytics tracking to, click on Layout or Template.
-Click on Edit HTML. An editing screen for your blog template's HTML displays. Just scroll to the bottom.
-Look for the end of the template. It'll look like:



Put your cursor right before that tag
Paste the Google Analytics Code Block by selecting Edit > Paste, Ctrl -V
Click Save Changes

3) Check Your Work
go back to http://google.com/analytics/
Next to your blog's URL it will say either Receiving Data (you were successful) or Tracking Not Installed (something is amiss)

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