Google SketchUP import file formats

Google SketchUP import file formats

What kinds of files can I import into SketchUp?

You can import several types of 2D and 3D files via File > Import.

DWG/DXF import plug-in
For those of you who depend on this feature, you can download this optional plug-in for Windows or Mac that enables the DWG/DXF importer. This plug-in will only be available for a limited time, and it will not be supported in our next major release... more

OpenDWG - Open Design Alliance

2D images:
JPEG image (.jpg)

Portable Network Graphics (.png)

Tagged Image File (.tif)

Targa File (*.tga)

Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

3D models and information:

SketchUp (.skp).

Google Earth terrain.

Note: You can get the current image-in black and white snapshot-of the terrain image currently displayed in Google Earth by clicking the Get Current View button. Two versions of the terrain image are imported: 2D and 3D, and you can toggle between them by clicking the Toggle Terrain button. The terrain images are for reference only, and are not included when you place your model in Google Earth. The image includes a reference to the latitude and longitude of the location in Google Earth, so it can be used for shadow studies, as well. Google Earth doesn't export its own 3D buildings (the buildings that are displayed when you select the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth). That information is licensed and can't be redistributed, so you can't import those buildings into SketchUp.

3DS (.3ds).

Note: If you want a 3DS import to include textures, before the import you must save the texture files in the same folder as the 3ds file itself.

ACAD (.dwg, .dxf) - This is a Pro only feature.

DEM (.dem, .ddf)

updated 2/19/2010


Import 3DS: Get a head start on your modeling

You can import 3DS files directly into your SketchUp models. Have a piece of furniture in 3DS format that you'd like to use? Import it in, then keep on truckin'.

Import images: Paint walls with photos

With SketchUp, you can import image files like JPGs, TIFFs, PNGs and PDFs. You can use them by themselves (kind of like posters), but you can also stick them to surfaces to create photo-realistic models of buildings, package designs, and more.

Export TIFF, JPEG and PNG

SketchUp lets you export raster images up to 10,000 pixels square, so generating an image which you can send in an email, publish in a document, or project on a wall is as easy as choosing a few options and clicking Export.

PRO Import and Export DXF and DWG: 2D line drawings and 3D models

Google SketchUp Pro allows you to import and export DXFs and DWGs, giving you an easy way to move plans, sections, elevations or even your whole model into (and out of) your favorite CAD program. Imported and exported geometry remains at 1:1 scale, and layers are preserved.

PRO Export PDF and EPS: 2D vector images

With the Pro version of Google SketchUp, you can export views of your models in PDF and EPS format, allowing you to continue to work on them in vector editing programs like Illustrator and Freehand. For 2D images that need to be resolution-independent, nothing beats exporting to these formats.


If you're using Google SketchUp Pro, you can export your models to a number of useful 3D formats. Pros use a number of different tools, and these exporters allow SketchUp to join most professional workflows by offering interoperability with just about every popular 3D modeling application in existence.

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