From Crisis to victory - Hanne Dahl

From Crisis to victory - Hanne Dahl

Hanne Dahl
The past week offered something resembling a diplomatic crisis as well as a major parliamentary victory.

Last week I was part of a delegation from the European Parliament’s Constitutional Committee (called AFCO). The delegation went to Prague, with the purpose of paying an official visit to the country that is taking over the EU presidency. Naively I though that it would be a courtesy visit. But no! I was really mistaken. The underlying agenda of my co-travellers turned out to be to try to threaten/scare/demean the Czech Republic into ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, before taking over the presidency.Now I also thought that one would follow certain rules for polite behaviour, while travelling as a representative of the EU. I was convinced that people would see themselves as some sort of diplomatic envoys, and thereby constrain themselves somewhat.I assumed so much, but I got wiser.
The delegation was to meet with the Czech Parliament, Senate and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in said order. The day was to be finished with public debate at the University.During the meeting with representatives ... more
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