Germans See Imitation in Chinese Cars

Germans See Imitation in Chinese Cars
FRANKFURT, Sept. 11 — It’s hardly surprising that a car that bills itself as the “ultimate driving machine” would inspire imitation. But to BMW, the CEO, a Chinese sport utility vehicle, is less respectful homage than brazen knockoff... more

"It was a vivid illustration, on the show’s first day, that the struggle over intellectual property rights between China and the West — a battle that has ranged over products from designer handbags to computer chips — now extends to cars." source

Chinese copy row reaches car show
A Chinese car model that many had expected to see at the Frankfurt motor show is conspicuous by its absence, following legal threats from DaimlerChrysler.
But another model by the same Chinese firm, which is said to be similar to a BMW X5, is on show... more

BMW takes legal steps to stop sale of Chinese car CEO, says CEO is a BMW copy
FRANKFURT (Thomson Financial) - Bayerische Motoren Werke AG has gone to court today as part of legal steps it is initiating in order to stop the importer of Chinese car model CEO from selling the car in Germany, a BMW spokesman said.
'We have ... more

Low-Cost Chinese Cars Making Restrained Entry to European Market
July 13, 2007, Friday
By JOHN TAGLIABUE (NYT); Business/Financial Desk
DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - China's quiet inroads into Europe are first test of rich markets by Chinese automakers as they build dealer networks and deliver small shipments of cars to test reaction of drivers and auto industry experts; many of dealers who have signed on with Chinese previously worked with Japanese and South Koreans, and so have experience in coaxing Europeans to purchase cars with unfamiliar names and unusual looks but great prices; Chinese ... more

China carmaker says it did not copy cars
A Chinese automaker said Wednesday that its cars were not copies of vehicles made by DaimlerChrysler and BMW, according to a media report.
Shuanghuan Auto, a commercial-vehicle maker based in north China's Hebei province, said its Noble and CEO models aren't ... more

aktualizováno 12.9.07:

Čínské vozy Brilliance bude do ČR dovážet Charouz Motors, smlouva je podepsána.
První vozy by měly přijít ještě do konce roku, jednání se vedou i s další čínskou značkou.

Falešné BMW X5 za 700 tisíc bude v Česku asi prodávat Charouz
Falešné tenisky Puma za tři stovky a před domem čínská kopie BMW X5 za 700 tisíc. Luxus jen naoko už se valí do Evropy. Zavedené automobilky investující miliardy do vývoje nových modelů se snaží příliv kopií svých aut zastavit, jak se zdá neúspěšně. Čínská auta míří do Česka ... více


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