Jack PC - my monitor, keyboard and mouse just plug into the wall

Jack PC - my dream

What's a Jack PC? The Jack PC is a revolutionary new 'thin client' computer invented and manufactured by Chip PC Technologies of Israel. Thin clients are effectively desktop computers designed to connect to a 'terminal server' or Citrix based environment where processing is handled by servers instead of PCs. Thin clients have been getting smaller and smaller over the years however this is the world's first Windows-based thin client small enough to fit in a network wall port. The benefits to business are massive since there's no longer a need for desktop PCs at all - your monitor, keyboard and mouse just plug into the wall! ...

AMD Au 1550 RISC procesor na 333 nebo 500 MHz.
Srovnatelné s stolním procesorem 800 nebo 1200 MHz.
Má 32/64MB flash paměti pro uložení Operačního Systemu (Windows CE 5) a 64/128 MB RAM. Napájen může být konektorem z předu, nebo pomocí Power over Ethernet (PoE)

cena: £209, £279, £349

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